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  Article V Cemetery RegulationsSection 1. General Regulations

1.1 The Cemetery Commission shall consist of the Board of Selectmen, Town Clerk, Cemetery Consultant, Highway Superintendent, and one member of the Laurel Hill Association. This Commission shall have charge, care and management of the Town Cemeteries.

1.2 Residents or taxpayers, including long-time residents or taxpayers who have needed to move to assisted living or nursing facilities, shall be entitled, upon death, to be interred in a burial plot in the Town Cemetery, subject to the requirements of this Article. No right of interment pursuant to this Article may be transferred, or sold.

1.3 The rights of persons eligible pursuant to the provisions of section 1.2 shall be governed by this Article and by sections 29 to 39 inclusive of Chapter 114 of the General Laws, as applicable.

1.4 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Article, any right to be interred in a burial plot shall be governed by the provisions of this Article in effect at the time the right was given, and by any conditions imposed thereon by the Cemetery Commission.

1.5 Eligible persons shall be entitled to be interred in the next available burial plot in the Town Cemetery so long as vacant burial plots are available.

1.6 All monuments, markers, boundary markers, and permanent plantings shall be subject to the approval of the Cemetery Commission, and their placement shall be under the supervision of the Cemetery Commission. Hedges, trees, and shrubs shall not be permitted in the Town Cemetery except as required by the Cemetery Commission. Seasonal decorations are allowed and may be removed at the discretion of the Highway Superintendent.

1.7 Monuments/head stones must meet the requirements of 2-foot side setbacks, 1-foot head setback, and 30-inch height limit. All markers and corner stones must be flush with the ground.

1.8 Each plot must be marked with corner markers.

Section 2. Interment Regulations

2.1 Ample notification prior to interment shall be given to the Cemetery Consultant and Highway Superintendent.

2.2 Permanent vaults (not liners) shall be used in all casket interments.

Section 3. Financial Regulations

3.1 In order that perpetual care shall be provided for each burial, a one-time fee shall be required to be deposited with the Town Treasurer. The Cemetery Commission shall fix and amend from time to time a schedule of fees for interments and perpetual care.