Boards and Committees

Town Offices Address: 50 Main Street / PO Box 417, Stockbridge, MA 01262-0417

Main Phone: 413-298-4170

Board of Health


Board Members:



Charles Kenny, Chair

Henry Schwerner

Rae Williams


Click the link below for:

Board of Health Regulations


For information on Septic Systems, Wells, or Food Permits please click the link below for Tri-Town Health Department.

Community Preservation Committee


Please see Article XXI under Town Bylaws for definitions and guidelines of this Committee.


Committee Members:


Board of Assessors Representative: Gary Pitney
Finance Committee Representative: Jay Bikofsky
Parks & Recreation Representative: Steve Knopf
HousingAuthority Representative: Chuck Gillett
Historical Commission Representative: Linda Jackson
Conservation Representative: Sally Underwood-Miller – Chair
Selectmen Representative: Dr. Carole Owens
Selectmen Representative: Jessica Meagher
Planning Board Representative: Bill Vogt

Conservation Commission




413-298-4170 ext 259


Conservation meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

Please see Article VII Wetlands Protection under Town Bylaws for more information. Also see Berkshire Scenic Mountain Act under Town Bylaws for a detailed description of the Act.


Commission Members:


Ron Brouker, Chair
Joseph H. DeGiorgis
John Hart
Patrick White
Jay Rhind

Jamie Minacci
Charlotte Underwood-Miller, Secretary

Council on Aging


413-298-4170 ext 263


Council Members:


Elizabeth DiGrigoli, Director
Ronald Muir
Lynne French
Diane Sheridan
Susanna Rogers

Cultural Council



Council Members:


Karen Marshall, Chair
Mary Flournoy
Rebecca Weinman
Andrea Sholler
Lynn Edelstein
Lionel Delevingne

Janet Egelhofer

Ed Lane

Rena Zurofsky


Please visit our website for Application Forms and Guidelines:


Applications and support materials should be sent to:


c/o Town Hall
Post Office Box 417
Stockbridge, MA 01262


(*Please include a SASE if you would like any support material returned)

Sewer & Water Commission



The Water and Sewer Commissioners meet the 1st Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

Please call their Secretary at 413-298-4170 ext. 262 to get on the agenda.




Donald Schneyer, Chairman
John Loiodice
Peter J. Socha
Jennifer Carmichael, Secretary


Article XIV
Sewers and Drains
Section 8. Sewer Commissioners


A Bylaw regulating the use of Public and Private sewers and drains, the installation and connection of building sewers, the discharge of waters and wastes into the public sewer system, authorizing the board of sewer commissioners to establish reasonable charges for the use of sewers and to adopt additional regulations to control the use of sewers, and to provide penalties for violations thereof: In the town of Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.


8.1 The Board of Sewer and Water Commissioners for the Town of Stockbridge shall have all the powers of a Board of Sewer Commissioners given by general and special law, regulation and this bylaw.


8.2 The Sewer Commissioners shall have the authority to establish from time to time reasonable rates, fees or charges for connection to or use of the public sewers, which rates, fees or charges shall be sufficient to pay all costs of operating and maintaining the sewer system, including collection and treatment facilities, as well as any portion of the cost of expanding or updating said sewer system that the Town determines, pursuant to Chapter 83, section 23 of the General Laws, shall be paid utilizing revenues derived from such rates, fees or charges.


8.3 The Sewer Commissioners shall have the authority to make, adopt, amend and repeal regulations relative to the use of the public sewer system.

Zoning Board



The Zoning Board of Appeals is a Part time Board and has scheduled meetings as they are needed.

If you need assistance please call 413-298-4170 ext. 250


Board Members:


Thomas Schuler
Jim Murray
Eric Plakun
Miles Moffatt
John Hyson
Buck Smith

Patricia Andrew

School Committee


Finance Committee


Committee Members:


Jim Balfanz
Bill Vogt
Jay Bikofsky, Chair
Neil D. Holden
Steve Shatz
Diane Reuss

Pamela Boudreau


Article IV
Other Officers


Section 2. The Finance Committee shall organize by the election of a chairman and a secretary, and a record shall be kept of all transactions. Every article in the warrant for the annual or any special Town Meeting calling for appropriation or borrowing of money, the creation of a debt or disposal of property of the town shall be referred to this Committee by the Selectmen, and the committee shall either approve or disapprove every such article. The committee shall fully inform itself as to the financial condition of the Town, and also prepare a statement of the fixed charges against the town for which taxes must be levied. All town officials are required to furnish the Finance Committee with any facts or figures in their possession that may be requested of them. At least one public meeting shall be held previous to the annual meeting, at which all interested taxpayers may be heard as to appropriations to be voted on at the town meeting.

Historical Commission


Local Historical Commissions are established by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 8D, and charged with a variety of responsibilities under Massachusetts law. The Stockbridge Historical Commission is appointed by the Selectmen and each year works to fulfill its responsibilities as circumstances arise.


Commission Members:


Maria Carr
Linda Jackson, Chair
Peter Williams

Historic Preservation Committee



Please see Article XXII under Town By-laws for definitions and guidelines of this Committee


Committee Members:


Carl Sprague, Chair
Peter Williams
Jorja Marsden
Pam Sandler
Jay Rhind
Gary Johnston

Lisa Sauer

Housing Authority


Contact: 5 Pine Street / PO Box 419, Stockbridge, MA 01262




Board of Commissioners


Bernard Edmonds Chairman
James Welch, Vice Chairman
Dawn Anne Rabinowitz, Treasurer
Charles R. Gillett, State Appointee

Executive Director: Andrea Lindsay

Parks and Recreation Commission


This is a part time Board that oversees all Parks in Town as well as Tennis Courts and the Town Beach.


If you have concerns regarding the maintenance or upkeep of any of these facilities please contact by email:


Kayak/Canoe Rack Rentals at the Town Beach are issued  through Parks and Rec.






Please see Article XI in the Town Bylaws for Beach Regulations


Commission Members:


Steven Knopf, Chair
Nick Fredsall
Nicole Fairaux


Planning Board


Contact: Jennifer Carmichael, Secretary:


  413-298-4170ext 261


Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 at the Town Offices.

Please call our secretary to be scheduled on the agenda.


Board Members:


Marie Raftery
Christine Rasmussen  
Katherine Fletcher
William Vogt, Chair
Gary Pitney
Nancy Socha
Wayne Slosek


Master Plan


Visioning Report


Stockbridge Zoning Bylaw Diagnostic Report

Stockbridge Bowl Stewardship Commission


The purpose of the Commission is to conserve and protect Lake Mahkeenac and its watershed, to enhance the water quality, fishery, wildlife habitat and aesthetics of Lake Mahkennac as a public recreational facility for today and for future generations while respecting the interests of property owners and the public, providing permanent stewardship to the lake ecosystem.


Meeting  schedule – Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.


Commission Members:


Charles Kenny – Board of Health
Roxanne McCaffrey – Select Board
Tom Schuler – Sewer & Water Commission
Mike Buffoni – Water and Sewer Department
Jaime Minacci – Conservation Commission
Gary Johnston – Stockbridge Sportsmen’s Club
Michael Nathan, Co Chair – Stockbridge Bowl Association

Gary Kleinerman – Stockbridge Harbormaster

Jim Wilusz – Tri-Town Health Department

Zebra Mussel Committee


The Zebra Mussel Committee protects Stockbridge Bowl from the invasion of Zebra Mussels, through our monitoring programs and if needed a free Boat Wash(if the watercraft has not been decontaminated according to DCR procedures). Laurel Lake in Lee as well as the Housatonic River below Woods Pond is contaminated with Zebra Mussels; once they get into a water body, there is no method to rid the water body of the invasive species, whether chemical or other methods are used. New York state is heavily contaminated with Zebra Mussels, including the Hudson River, Lake George etc.; also lakes in Connecticut are contaminated.


Committee Members:


Rodney Agar
Michael Buffoni
Kevin Foran
Barbara Cohen – Hobbs
Gary Kleinerman
Tim Minkler
Michael Nathan
George Shippey, Chair


2019 Zebra Mussel Report